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Bar Menu Nostalgia of 2020


A serial collection of award-winning cocktails from around the world from our mixologist

Ice Series

(A Michelin Star Technique)

Freezing point of 32 degree Farenheit, capturing the flavors of each elements over this huge rock of ice poured with Gin and Tonic.

  • Bandra​ 400

    Ice cubes infused with abundance of fresh berries, gin & tonic

  • Andheri 400

    Artisanal ice cubes infused with fresh green apple, gin & tonic

  • Powai 400

    Fresh Blueberries infused ice cubes with lime wedges, gin & tonic

  • Colaba 400

    Infused blood orange & passion fruit cubes, gin & tonic

Exclusive Microbrewery

Mumbai’s Best Microbrewery – Indian Craft Beer

Subzero Microbrewery

Our very own microbrewery with subzero flavors, capturing the true essence of ice

  • Winter in London​ 420

    Blueberry & strawberrry infused ice cubes, peel cider and garnished with a lime wedge

  • Summer in Bavaria 420

    Bursting frozen green apple & cucumber infused ice cubes, freshly squeezed lime juice over Hefeweizen and topped with basil leaves

  • Fall in New York 420

    Mix of passionfruit & blood orange infused ice cubes

  • Spring in Brussels 420

    Cold infused pomegranate, blueberry ice cubes and grapefruit (Perfectly paired with Belgian Wit)

  • Ice Bucket​ 250

Contemporary Series

A classical mixology with contemporary approaches

Zero Mixology

Liberated from alcohol, the new alternative of mixology

Origin Series

World famous timeless classics. From the archive of original recipe dated in time

Beans & Leaf collection

  • Raspberry Éclair Latte 250

    Full cream milk, espresso, raspberry and vanilla marshmallow foam Served Hot & Cold

  • Adam & Eve Latte 260

    Green apple, milk, espresso and apple crumble

  • Café de Orange 270

    Chocolate, espresso, orange crumble, blue curacao, and full cream milk. Hot or cold

  • Belgian Café 280

    Steam milk, Pineapple crumble , chocolate syrup, vanilla, and espresso

  • Café latte 200

    Espresso and Milk

  • Cappuccino 210

    Milk, foam and espresso

Brandy & Cognac

(30 ml)