About Finch Chandigarh

Within the mountain  of northern terrain embellished a deep red cove, Indian’s hidden gem that serves as the capital of the two neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana . Finch Chandigarh is a modernist venue, established with the precision of culinary arts and mixology-rhythms, pitched by different artists, musicians and DJ’s of unravel beat.

Residence Disc Jockey by Ron Ramirez

Up coming artist

Up coming artist


The Finch

The Finch Chandigarh offers premium quality of Sound System and Back Line along with Instruments like Pearl Master’s and our collaboration with Harman for our Sound Setup enhance the beauty of sound for our beloved Musicians and Guests.



Finch is the only venue in India to have 365 days live bands performing at our Chandigarh and Mumbai venues for which we have talented team who keep the shows running and spreading different sounds from different part of the world of our Musicians and which is lead by Our programming crew which is head by Mr Amit D and Tech Part is handled by Mr Ritom.


Finch offers diverse music genres to its listeners which is bought by Talented Musicians across the country and globe. We have had Indian Ocean performing at our opening night later on it was followed by Bartenders, Parikrama , Ghalat Family & Ankur Tewari , Crooners Collective

Ankur Tewari - The Ghalat Family
Bombay Bassment
Corner Café Chronicles
Crooners Collective
Easy Wanderlings
Easy Wanderlings


With so many gigs around we have our favourites and great musicians  who perform regularly