Interior Catalog
Design by one of the prominent designer: Visdom Studio
By: Akash Singh
Night Mood
Dinner mood with a soft and gentle touch
The space where harmonies are perfectly whispered by artists and song writters echoing sound waves of accurate precisions drifting to a different beat blending the movement of lights and shadows
Main Hall and dining space
a space for you and me...
Loft & Terrace - Patio, the space where an absolute chill and Relaxation as finch forms its own environment "Chillax" rendering soft lounge music with a view of live entertainment underneath this loffy mezzanine where privacy and intimacy are blended for your own comfort.
The Bar during the day will turn into a brassarie that casually trasformed to a chill and relax all-day dining restuarant. serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and signature snack "world cuisine"
Mixology Lounge
The Finch Mixology lounge will unfold a series of craftmanship curated exclusively by world renowed mixologist. the bar will host some of the best and legendary barenders in town where it will house a guest shift mixologist from all over the world and a stage of bar competition in Bangkok to showcase their own art and cocktail inventions.
Supper Club
A shape shifting lights of multiple LED lights spread out through the entire space changing the whole athmosphere with a profound mood that goes along with the rhythms of live music combining the interior illustrations of elegance to a glimming and glamouring night of a perfect entertainment.
DJ station and Artist stage