Barbra Weissand

The Finch Hefeweizen

The Hefeweizen, Traditionally loved by the royals of Bavaria on offer list by the harmonized fragrance of fruit and spice in the form of Banana and cloves fallowed by fluffy mouthfeel with a dry finish

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Wizard of Wit

The Finch Witbier

A barley/wheat top-fermented beer was originally brewed in Belgium & the Netherlands. Belgian Witbier, this masterfully, yeasty enlivening quencher, was thankfully rebirthed from extinction by a milkman.

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Pip 'N' Peel

The Finch Apple cider

This English apple cider, is the result of our labor of love finds its origin from the rich in depth! characters apples grown in the hills of Kashmir

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Cloud Black

The Finch Stout

Out meal stout, evolved to capitalize on the London porters, but originally reflected a fuller, creamer, more stout body and straight with a roasted flavor,
accompanied with the notes of coffee and a dark chocolate that further add to its complexity.

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Bombay Dock

The Finch Indian Pale Ale

Indian Pale Ale, a passage to India from England by ship of a specially brewed batch, loaded with freshly picked hops saw the birth of the Indian Pale Ale.

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Kolsch Lager

The Finch Lager

Straw bold in color with lively citrus, fragrant hops and molt aromas to tickle your nose, while your mouth savors smooth, fruity and buiscuit flavors with a gentle finish of herbal hops

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